A Visionary Home for the 2020s

The homes we inhabit in the 2020s could serve as a personal headquarters for building the good society. How can a house help create a more positive future? Here are four ways the home of the future might support meaningful personal commitment to the greater good.

1. Advocate From Home (AFH)

During the pandemic lockdown period, a new wave of civic engagement has taken hold. A trend called Advocate From Home (AFH) takes the form of digital organizing (e-mail, text banking, content production) for political, ecological, social and economic justice, often using work-from-home tools.

2. Decentralized Energy

Households are embracing renewables in terms of solar energy and decentralized systems with independent home batteries. There are revolutions happening in the world of clean kinetic energy that could transform our spaces by allowing objects to collect and then transmit power. Future homes may be self-sustaining in terms of power and energy needs.

3. Biophilia

One way people express environmentalist values at home is through a love of nature. Outdoors, there are green options for the visionary homeowner, such as garden plots, low-intensive watering solutions, use of native plants and compost bins. Inside the home, people are gravitating to hydroponically grown vegetables and herbs. Indoor plants of all kinds are at the height of interior design trends and architecture is looking to biomimicry for sustainable ideas. Pets outnumber children in US homes.

4. Shrinking Footprint

In terms of actual home structure, the tiny home and 3D printed home craze are growing. A recently completed project constructed a house from recyclable coffee grounds and there is growing consumer demand for sustainable bricks and concrete. Fashion and home décor choices tend toward fair trade, recycled materials, resale, and upcycling. Mindful consumption to manage our ecological and ethical footprint is a key value consumers may continue embracing well into the 2020s.

How would you change the world from your home? Share your ideas in the comments!

View the full report The Home of the 2020s: Scenarios for How We Might Live in the Post-Pandemic Future: https://bit.ly/2TbCYf2




Futurist. Foresight research, education, writing and consulting.

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Alexandra Whittington

Alexandra Whittington

Futurist. Foresight research, education, writing and consulting.

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